Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens allow us the privilege of providing ourselves, and those we love with health and abundance. Though our growing season in New England is short, by selecting the right plant varieties and building our soil for optimal microbial health and plentiful yields, our gardens provide a sense of accomplishment and a point of interest for any residential or commercial landscape.

With the use of organic materials and permaculture practices, we aim to create edible landscapes that provide clean & safe produce, free of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In our practice, it is essential to treat the land, and thus our bodies, with honor and respect. We select the highest quality organic seed available, and we work with local organic growers all while implementing our designs with ecologically mindful methods and materials.


Life hack:

“It’s not the soil itself - it’s the soil life that is the most important element.” Geoff Lawton

When you hire us to build an edible landscape, whether it be a new vegetable garden, or a young food forest that will evolve over time, we will provide you with the knowledge of the best possible plant varieties for your location while considering the long term goals for your land.


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